About Craftly.AI

We’re not your usual content writing platform.
We’re not a digital marketing company.
We’re not a copywriter shop either.

Cai is your AI-Powered copywriter, and Craftly.AI is your team of sidekicks.

you are the protagonist of your story.
The one who fights the dragons and rescues the princess.
Us? We’re just here to help you look good (and convert).

Content is everywhere. You can’t escape it – So let us help you embrace it.

At Craftly.AI, we believe there is a better way to do content. A more valuable way where you are inspired rather than stuck. We’re obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to find different ways to create with it. We focus on tools using artificial intelligence and machine learning to learn how you like it. It’s just the beginning and we see that as an opportunity. We’re excited to simplify content for everyone through our application, education, and community.


Over the past year, we’ve formed a small but mighty team of A+ players, each with expansive knowledge and unparalleled attention to detail.



The Talent

Witty, sassy, a little moody – but she’s learning! Ask Cai to tell you what blog posts are trending, come up with your next business name, or write a heartfelt breakup letter. She can do everything but get your morning coffee (we’re working on that).

The Commandments

  • Enhance,
    not replace

    Robots are definitely on the way to taking over the world, but Craftly isn’t there just yet. We’re not trying to replace your unique human voice, we’re here to inspire and enhance! With great technology comes great responsibility, and we vow to put people first and stay human and humble every step of the way (don’t tell Cai).

  • Our mission is
    never finished

    Ambition -a blessing or a curse- if we’ve done our duty correctly will be around to push creativity and help you do what you do best. With unabashed optimism and resilience, we work towards contributing to something that will outlast each of us as individuals.

  • Curiosity is
    our compass

    Only with vivacious curiosity do we believe we can build something unprecedented. Our goals are atypical, and can be a bit jarring to some, but our execution and deliverance will bring the best of AI to you in due time.

  • We are not here
    to play it safe

    Our deep commitment to our mission of creating helps us accomplish the incredible. It pushes us beyond our comfort zones, makes room for uncomfortable conversations, helps us embrace new growth opportunities, and energizes us to take on the impossible.

  • Weirder the better

    The magic of Craftly will lie in its artistic weirdness, surprising twists, community, inspiration and novel experiences. Craftly - the product and company - is set out to be fun, eccentric, and diverse.

  • Make good,
    do good, be good

    This one is simple. It would also make for a great tattoo.

We believe in the power of AI

Open AI (founded by Elon Musk) is an artificial intelligence research and development company specializing in creating AI that can benefit humanity. We work with them and artificial intelligence strategies in ensuring you get the best content possible.


Work With Us

  • Code

    Interesting in a dark cave? Code? Bugs? Lots of coffee? Reach out!

  • Affiliate

    Make money, work your own hours and be your own boss

  • Write

    Love writing with craftly? Why not get paid for it...

  • Freelance

    Join our community and find heroes that need sidekicks

  • icon
    Never stop learning

    We welcome experimentation, failing, and trying again. Workshops, bootcamps, experiences -we’re here for it all ensuring our team is always building new skills.

  • icon

    Your family was unsupportive? It’s okay, we’re your family now.

  • icon
    Social Contribution

    Every year, Craftly will move towards providing educational seminars, scholarships and contributions towards causes we believe in.

  • icon

    Sometimes you just want to Zoom in your jammies. We feel you. Let us help you from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home.

  • icon

    We work with you on finding out what matters to you and creating benefits based on that.

  • icon
    Entrepreneur Pusher

    Love a cause? Have a business idea? Let us help you start it. You grow us, let us help grow you. You don’t have to choose between the two.

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