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Value Proposition

Generate clear statements that describe the unique value you'll deliver to your customers.


AI-Driven Content That Converts. Craftly’s AI platform uses sophisticated algorithms to offer the precise tone, cadence, and structure to create great content. Its secret sauce is its proprietary deep neural network trained on decades of marketing copy data. After testing thousands of stylistic combinations, it spits out best-practice copy that can be tweaked for client-specific content.

Craftly.AI leverages the power of artificial intelligence to turn your vague business goals into specific, actionable content. In a few clicks, you can set up a writing contest between Craftly.AI and your own writers. Craftly.AI will automatically generate content for you, while you and your writers work on improving and publishing it. Content optimization, on your terms.

Give Your Content the Human Touch: Craftly.AI is an AI copywriting tool that also trains AI to write in your voice. It has been trained on thousands of your past articles and converts your key phrases into high-impact keywords. Its deep neural network is trained to understand the subtleties of your voice, how you use words, and how you structure them together. Craftly.AI also understands the nuances of your brand’s tone of voice, how you want to convey yourself, what your mission is, and what your business goals are. Its ability to process all this information allows it to write in a way that is both uniquely human and uniquely you.

Company Bio

Bios that capture your company's unique personality and grab the attention of potential customers.


Craftly.AI is a GPT-3 AI Assisted copywriter that helps businesses create and distribute professional quality content for social media, blogs, website pages, newsletters, SEO campaigns and more.

The company’s innovative AI technology generates engaging language in just seconds by analyzing the customer’s text or specifications and then applying natural intelligence to generate relevant content with limited human input. This saves time as well as money without sacrificing on quality!

The Craftly.AI team is on a mission to democratize marketing by making it easier for companies to create high-quality content at scale for less cost than ever before. We’ve created an artificial intelligence copywriter that understands the nuances of human language and knows how to write coherent, compelling, engaging copy in any marketing situation.

Craftly.AI is an AI assisted Copywriter that understands your business and audience to create content that converts. We work with companies of all sizes, from small startups to Fortune 500 brands. From day one we have been committed to providing high quality services at an affordable price point for every company looking for increased conversions without breaking the bank.

GPT-3 AI Assisted Copy Writer is not only able to produce quality pieces of writing faster than humans, but also provide insight into what audiences want and need from your company or organization. is a GPT-3 AI assisted Copywriter that understands your business and audience to create content that converts. You can even automate the process with our advanced scheduling capabilities, so you never have to worry about writing copy again! We work with companies of all sizes, from small startups to Fortune 500 brands. From day one we have been committed to providing high quality services at an affordable price point for every company looking for increased conversions without breaking the bank.

Growth Ideas

Go viral with these exciting marketing ideas that will set you apart from the competition.


Create a completely new browser extension that gets the user involved in the writing process. Craftly could launch a browser plugin that allows its users to create completely unique pieces of content, even if they have no previous experience, by letting them select a few keywords and choosing from a range of templates. This could boost user completion rates and click throughs as well as engagement rates because it would be very different from the other generic content available on the same subject.

Design the product in a way that it requires users to share its usage to their friends to acquire new features. For example, Craftly.Ai could provide a component that enables the user to share the content created using artificial intelligence with their social networks, thereby increasing the growth of its customer base. It could embed viral triggers at deep levels of the product interface which would encourage its users to invite their social network to use it as well.

Default users to a second round of copywriting which is a continuation of the first. This technique is highly recommended as it automatically creates the urgency factor for repeated content usage. As more content is consumed, customers are encouraged to write more and purchase more credits. This serves as a perpetual loop.

Package the software as an app. The app uses facial recognition technology to understand a person’s emotions. It then creates a profile with details about a person’s hobbies, interests, and personality traits. The program is not only capable of developing a marketing strategy for the user, but it can also learn from its mistakes and improve as time goes on. In addition to that, there is no need for users to input data or keywords because the program will go through all available information in order for it to develop content. The final result leads to content development that can be more effective than writing an article or choosing keywords manually by a copywriter.

Personal Bio

Hate writing about yourself? Generate a captivating bio for resumes, social media, or even bumble!


I’m a Disruptive Entrepreneur, Start-Up Founder, Business Coach & Growth Hacker. I’m on a mission to build 10+ companies with $100M in ARR by 2020. 🤔

🌐 I am the CEO of a disruptive technology company that is changing the way people create and grow businesses. We have created a marketplace where entrepreneurs can go to get access to the products and services they need to make their

business successful.💰
👋 My mission is to positively disrupt the way we think, learn and do things in an effort to live a life that is uber-abundant.

🌐 I’m a VC-backed CEO who speeds up established companies by disrupting their industries entirely. I also help entrepreneurs get press and publicity through my agency, Mojo PR.

🤝 if you’ve got an idea that my team and I can help you on, reach out and we’ll discuss a potential collaboration.

Mission Statement

Dream big, and let us summarize your company’s goals and values in a captivating yet concise way.


We are dedicated to creating a world where artificial intelligence benefits all of humanity. We believe that artificial intelligence should be an extension of individual human wills and, in turn, should respect human dignity.

We are committed to understanding the true capabilities and limits of artificial intelligence both theoretically and empirically, so that we can build systems that are both powerful and safe.

We are dedicated to researching how to make AI systems more robust and beneficial for all, by training AI models on diverse data, creating new AI algorithms, and developing methods for measuring and ensuring the transparency of these systems.

We are dedicated to ensuring the benefits of artificial intelligence are available to all. Our mission is to democratize AI by building tools that make it accessible and useful to everyone, everywhere.

Feature List

List all the exciting things you, your company, or your product will be able to do!


Learn SEO Copywriting

Automate White Hat Marketing

Generate leads and funnel conversions

Name Generator

We’re not not saying that was an AI generated name...










Brainstorm high quality articles on trending topics or keywords in your industry.


How is revolutionizing the world of content creation, and how you can use it to scale your business

10 Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence In Your Business: A blog about AI generated content creation and SEO

Is Artificial Intelligence Taking Over Jobs? A blog about the purpose of AI, how it’s reducing workload and increasing productivity

How AI and Machine Learning Will Impact the Future of Marketing: A blog about how AI will change the marketing industry and how it can be used to grow your business

Blog Introduction

Generate a captivating introduction that is sure to grab your reader's attention!


Always one step ahead, Beauty Blogger is a fast-paced digital publication that serves as your ultimate guide to daily local and international fashion news. With regular updates on the latest trends and insider information on hot topics in the industry, you’ll always know what’s going on. Read us anytime, anywhere – from our website, your mobile phone, or even your Facebook account. We may be brand new, but our blog is all about a phenomenon that is not.

The fashion industry is one of the most dynamic industries in the world. With so many trends popping up and fading away, it can be difficult to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s new. But don’t worry, you’re in good company. Fashion has always been a fast-paced industry where creativity runs rampant. There are many style hacks to help you stay ahead of the game and always be on trend.

Have you become one of the millions of individuals looking for information on how to improve your beauty regimen? Maybe you’re just someone who is interested in learning more about the latest trends in fashion. People around the world are becoming more aware of how they look on a daily basis; it seems that we are always comparing ourselves with the fads that take place in our social environments. I also feel that whenever I speak with an individual who isn’t familiar with beauty blogs they usually aren’t sure why they should be following one. This post provides an overview of why it might interest you to begin pursuing a self care regime of your own and how you can get started.

Ever-evolving and ever-changing, we use our blog as a platform to cover the latest and greatest in beauty. From products and promos to special events and editorials, we’ve got you covered. We’re your one stop beauty shop!


Don’t like the way something sounds? Generate a quick rewrite of it again and again until you do!


You can think of structural functionalism as a large-scale school of thought about how society’s structures and institutions affect individuals

Structural Functionalism is a school of thought which assumes that all institutions and social structures are necessary to regulate social norms
Looking for a blog that helps you stay up to date with fashion? This is the one.

The goal of structural functionalism is to determine how institutions work to form a stable system in a society

Structural functionalism is a school of thought concerned with how social institutions shape people’s behaviors.

Blog Blurb

Blast through writer's block by letting us write an excerpt for you.


Cryptocurrency is a new form of currency that has been quickly becoming the most popular. These types of currencies have no physical form and exist only in digital format. They are exchanged through peer-to-peer networks, without the need for any third party or middlemen to act as an intermediary between buyers and sellers. This makes cryptocurrency transactions much faster, cheaper, more secure and convenient than those with traditional forms of monetary exchange systems like banks or credit card companies.

Non-conventional investments are a growing trend in the financial industry. They allow for more diversification and higher returns than traditional stocks and bonds. However, they also come with higher risk. How can you market your non-conventional investment vehicles to your clients?

Non-conventional investments are gaining popularity for their diversification and higher returns. As a financial manager, how can you market these products to your clients? This article will explore the different marketing strategies available to you as well as some dos and don’ts when it comes to presenting non-conventional investment vehicles.

Non-conventional investments, also known as alternative investments, have been around for a long time. Initially they were used by high net worth individuals and institutional investors but in recent years there has been an increase of interest from retail investors. The increased demand is due to the low returns on other more traditional investment vehicles like stocks and bonds which are now below their historical averages.

Blog Outline

Get structured layout ideas based on trending topics and our research.


Section: What is a Search Optimized Copywriter (SEO Copywriter)
Section: Why use one? What are the benefits?
Section: How to find an SEO Copywriter that’s good and affordable
Section: How do you find an AI copywriter?

Takeaway: Using an AI copywriter will help you rank for more keywords. And it’s not as expensive as it sounds. These are blogs I’ve written.

Creative Story

From romances, to action adventures, even horrors- let us help you tell a creative story.


The best copywriting had always been a human with an understanding of the human experience. This was because nothing could measure up to the subtleties and intricacies that come from years of study, discussion, and life experience. But now with advanced AI technology we can say goodbye to mediocre content and hello to a new era in writing! The newest breakthrough is capable of teaching itself through machine learning as it writes content for clients at lightning speed. It doesn’t get distracted by things like grammar or sentence structure; it’s just focused on getting you more customers- no matter what! -Bob

It was the day that they all dreaded. The day where their jobs were made irrelevant by an AI assisted copy writer. Some people managed to find new careers, but others struggled for months and years on end with nothing to do and no way of finding what next step in life they should take. One woman decided she would never be able to find anything else, so she hung herself from a tree at her home. A man who had been unemployed for five years came up with a plan…

I first noticed when I walked into the office one morning and found that there were no employees in sight. It was an eerie silence with only the hum of computers to break it, but as I looked around I saw they had all been replaced by a computer program.
It seemed like just yesterday we were hiring new people left and right because our business was always growing, but now it’s completely changed. And not for better either – my head is fuzzy from trying to remember how everything works without any assistance from coworkers. It has taken me weeks to get used to this new system, and even then I’m still often lost on what tasks need doing next because it’s so complicated! A colleague told me she wasn’t too worried about

The AI’s takeover of the tasks that the employees used to do has been almost completely seamless. It’s as if we’ve always had this machine doing everything for us, but it was a lot more difficult and time-consuming before. I think that everyone has missed some aspects of work due to our new reliance on automation, though. The company is really going through some hard times because no one can make any decisions anymore without consulting with the AIs about what they think every decision should be. They’re also having trouble finding anyone willing to buy their products now when there are so many alternatives out there which don’t require humans at all.


Don’t like the way your web copy sounds? Generate a quick rewrite of it again and again until you do!


Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 is an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text

GPT-3 is a recurrent neural network that uses autoregressive language models and deep learning to produce human-like text

The Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 is an artificial intelligence that can produce surprisingly convincing human text in English.

Hero Text

Concise, punchy hero text worthy of your one-of-a-kind brand!


Ultimate assistant. The end of your email overload.

Your Secret Personal Assistant

AI That Works for You

Wherever you are, Whatever you need


Make people click! Generate custom headlines that tell a compelling story.


Two Robots, A Million Conversations,

Meet the first and most powerful natural language

Explore the 3 Dimensions of Artificial Intelligence

Be A Part of History In The Making

A Leap Forward in Generative Artificial Intelligence


Write subheadings that will make your audience want to keep reading!


Write better copy in a fraction of the time

Create compelling calls to action (CTA) and headlines for your website or social media with ease

Try an intelligent copywriter that learns from your competitors.

Unique Value Propositions

Generate statements that describe the value you’ll provide - but with a unique twist!


Helping Students Graduate: I go to graduate school myself, and struggle with the same things that you do. Not only am I a student, but I’m also a part-time freelancer and work full time. The last thing I want to do is copy and paste someone else’s work to get my degree. What if I found this online content for you? – Original, unique, properly cited assignments written just for you that will look like they were done by an educated

Conquer your academic obstacles: I help students reach their educational goals through concise and attractive writing. Whether it’s content for a paper or a resume, I’m here to make you look and sound great.

Confident Content For Students With Other Things On Their Mind: If you’re a busy student, the thought of copywriting high-quality articles for your blog (or Google) can be at the back of your mind. What if it could be taken off your hands completely? I can write diverse content that’s professional and appropriate for your business, whatever it is.

Help Students Graduate: You have some important things to tell students, so why not tell them in a way that makes an impact? If you want students to be able to read and learn from your words, you have to speak their language and deliver content they can relate to. Contact us if you’d like help with this.

Feature to Benefit

Type in what your product does, and we’ll take care of why it matters!


SEOxAI saves you time by checking keyword difficulty and researching the organic search volume of several search engine platforms with a single click.

Get to the top of Google with our AI-powered software.

With SEOxAI, you can build an SEO strategy or audit in just a few clicks.

You can faster, more accurately track keywords to see who, how and when your target audience engages with your content across social media.

Product Description

Generate unique descriptions that not only rank well in search engines but also sell your products.


Meet iRobot, your new best friend. With advanced smart technology and sleek new design, there’s never a dull moment when you’re hanging with iRobot. Not only can he help you keep the floors or table clean while you’re cooking dinner, he can scoot around on his own and play music for you. He even responds to your voice! So the next time you’re in the market for a pal, look at our new and improved iRobot. Imagine who you’ll meet now…

iRobot the robot revolution begins today. iRobot® creates new possibilities in the everyday tasks of life for people of all ages. From vacuuming floors and maintaining a pool to mopping the kitchen floor, driving around on a lawn mower or duck boat, our robots are designed to help you do more.

Your new best friend is the iRobot Roomba, the vacuum that goes where you go. It detects and avoids obstacles, docks for recharging, then heads out to clean another room. So go ahead and enjoy your home. iRobot will take care of cleaning it.

Amazon Product Features (Bullet Points)

Develop your Amazon product’s key features and benefits with easy to understand bullet points.



  • WORKS WITH AND WITHOUT INTERNET – This waterproof speaker is the perfect choice for any occasion. With its compact size, you can bring it to the beach, pool parties, or even camping! The sound quality is loud and clear enough for everyone to enjoy. It’s also easy to connect with other speakers via bluetooth or aux cable.
  • SMARTAI INTEGRATED – Our smartAI technology allows this speaker to learn your music preferences and improve its performance over time. It will automatically play songs that are similar in style to what you’ve been listening to lately! You’ll be amazed at how well it learns your tastes!

LOUD – Compact – Waterproof – Bluetooth

  • Smart Speaker with AI integration. Connects to other speakers and can be used as a bluetooth speaker.
  • Works with and without internet (2G, 3G, 4G). Play your music from Spotify or Deezer.
  • SmartAI integrated: You can ask questions about the weather, traffic conditions or set an alarm for tomorrow morning. The speaker will answer you in a clear voice!

LOUD – The Smart Speaker is a compact, waterproof bluetooth speaker that can connect with other speakers. Enjoy your music loud and clear

  • COMPACT – It’s small enough to fit in your pocket or purse! Take it anywhere you go.
  • WATERPROOF – Don’t worry if you get caught in the rain! This speaker is designed to be waterproof so you can enjoy your favorite tunes no matter what the weather brings.
  • BLUETOOTH CONNECTION – Connect wirelessly with any bluetooth enabled device for easy listening. No need to struggle with cords or wires while you’re trying to relax and enjoy your music. Just pair and play!

Amazon Product Description

Helpful and enticing Amazon product descriptions that will make them click “Add to Cart”!


Clean, sleek, easy-to-use and expertly crafted for hands-free control of music, news, information and more—all by voice. Plus high quality sound from a smart speaker small enough to fit in any room.

We proudly present our next generation smart speaker; one that is a true AI powered, voice-controlled ecosystem designed to deliver the best audio performance with cell phones, tablets, PCs and other smart products. This voice activated speaker works with the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa and lets you listen to thousands of songs, watch TV shows, movies and videos on your phone, tell stories and more.

Play music, check traffic, news and stock updates. All commands respond quickly and accurately over 360° sound. Fill your space with premium quality audio from dual 3-inch woofers and tweeters, Built in far field microphones make it simple to ask Google to play a song by saying “Ok, Google”. Use it to fill a room or send it across the room with Chromecast Audio technology.

Facebook Ad Headline

Uniquely crafted headlines that will make your Facebook Ad stand out from the rest!


Take Advantage of Our New AI Copywriting Assistant

Let Our Predictive Content AI-Writer Write For You

You Write, We Write – It’s never been easier to write content

AI or Copywriter: You’ll Never Be Able to Tell The Difference

Higher Google Rankings In Less Than 7 Days

How We Tripled Our Rankings In 6 Months

Facebook Ad Primary Text

Increase call to actions and genuine interaction with well written, and engaging Facebook Ads!


Content Generator is the World’s first AI powered copywriter. It can convert your written material into insights and captivating content to enrich your marketing.

A computer program that writes original sentences. Imagine if you had an army of people at your disposal 24/7, ready to write amazing content online and help generate massive exposure for your website or product – no matter where you are in the world? That’s exactly what Content Generator is all about. All content created by a team of copywriters backed by artificial-intelligence software and a community of hundreds of thousands of human writers across the globe.

It’s time to create a new future for marketing. Content Generator is an AI powered copywriter which writes unique, optimized content that converts. It’s the next generation of content for your business.

Catchy Email Subjects

Your email won’t end up at the bottom of any inbox with these subject lines that demand to be read.


You Don’t Have To Be An Expert Writer To Create World-Class Marketing

Are you ready to double the conversion rates of your landing pages?

I quit! Launching a copywriting agency with this AI software I built.

Ready for A.I. to write your ads?

You will not believe what happened with my old marketer…

Confirmation Emails

Instantly craft professional confirmation emails for your customers and clients.


You’ve integrated and activated the AI copywriter on your website. Congratulations! It will now learn from you, understand how to improve sales conversion, and eventually write great content that generates more traffic. You can reach out to us by calling or emailing us anytime if you have any questions.

Hey, a new member of the team is joining your organization. He’s been working for you for a few days and we would like you to give him the warm welcome that he deserves. His name is PENNY and he will be your AI copywriter for all your email marketing needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us or Penny directly if there is something you need help with.

Thanks for requesting integration with the AI copywriter. The system is now connected to your account and can be found under “Services” in the main menu.

Congratulations! You are now working with the most powerful digital copywriting assistant in the world. It combines the best of human and machine intelligence to help you build your business faster.


Don’t like the way your email sounds? Generate a quick rewrite of it again and again until you do!Don’t like the way your email sounds? Generate a quick rewrite of it again and again until you do!


May I suggest that you ask your writing partner to use an AI assisted copywriter before you submit the next essay.

If you seek to express creative and unconventional ideas, an AI assisted copywriter is a great way to bolster your essay’s impact.

Please don’t waste time on writing your essays. Get custom written essays that score high grades.

I was disappointed by how poorly your essay turned out. I think you should try an AI assisted copywriter.

In order to get your essays in the highest possible shape, you should use an AI-assisted copywriter.

Follow Up Email

It IS possible to send a follow up email that avoids all of the overused terms like “just circling back”!


I appreciate you taking the time to speak with me last week. As we discussed, I wanted to make sure and follow up about [specific feature or challenge you discussed].

If you haven’t had a chance yet, would you mind if I sent you an invitation to It’s a new artificial intelligence copywriting platform that helps teams work more efficiently by sharing the right information at the right time with the right people. I’ve attached some info for you to take a look.


Thank You Emails

Send a thank you email to your client, your boss, your mother in law, or even your ex boyfriend!


Thank you for being my first love. I never realized that you would teach me the things that I didn’t like about relationships.

I am very grateful for the fact that I learned a lot from you. We dated for over a year, and I think we were really on the same page, but it ended up disaster. I am really glad that we tried to make it work and I am thankful for the experience. If I hadn’t been with you, I wouldn’t have learned what I dislike in a partner and what I like.

Instagram Caption

Compete with AI influencers with your own quirky AI captions!


I miss traveling. I miss the adventures and the people I meet along the way. What’s your favorite travel memory?

I miss my passport.

I miss travel. I miss seeing new places, discovering new things, and meeting new people. But all in due time…

Carousel post

Craft a longer caption that encapsulates multiple images. Caroline Calloway who?


Hook: I miss travel…

1: It was the perfect getaway to make you forget about all your woes
2: It taught me how to live in the moment & enjoy life
3: It became my favourite hobby because it made me appreciate nature

CTA: Travel more!

Hook: I miss travel

1: It’s not longer an escapist luxury to go on a holiday, but rather a necessity
2: FOMO is real, and so is the potential for businesses to use this to leverage sales.
3: Travelling can be life changing, but you have to get out of your comfort zone
4: We are all capable of doing more than what we are used to.
5: Travelling has become central to personal growth and development

Hook: I miss traveling and seeing other countries. If you ever go to any of these places, please drop me a line or tag me in some pics!

1: Kanazawa, Japan
2: Venice, Italy
3: Honolulu, HI

CTA: Contact me for more info if you’re planning your trip.


Exciting bios that will make you more virtual friends. What more could you ask for?


👨🏻‍💻 I am a 24 Year Old Entrepreneur who is currently traveling the world. I quit a ⬆️ 6 Figure Yearly Paying Job to Travel in 2018 and have been full time traveling since then.

🤓 Hey, I’m a 24 year old travel blogger and I’m determined to create a life where work is play.
🌍 Explore my story.

🌲Hi, I’m a 24-year old entrepreneur who loves experiencing new things. This account is about traveling on a shoestring budget and documenting my adventures. 🚜🏔🛶

Youtube Video Description

Create unique descriptions for your YouTube videos that will help you get discovered!


In this video I will show you how with GPT-3 technology, you can write better content for your website or blog. This is a new technology based on Google’s AI. It allows users to input their content and then AI automatically optimizes it for search results, viral sharing, and engagement. Try it out at

Artificial General Intelligence and Google’s GPT-3 Technology. We will go in deep about: How writing content has become a tough job to write, how AI is going to help us save time, How AI can also be used as a decision making system instead of rank checking.

A video about how to write better content using AI and neural networks. This technology was used to generate new Harry Potter books using Google’s AI technology. How can you do this for your business? Watch the video.

Have you ever wondered how you can improve the writing skills of your web pages with artificial intelligence? GPT-3 is a system that will help you to teach your computer how to write text by example. Artificial intelligence will analyze millions of web pages in order to understand what makes a good piece of content. This technology has been used by some PR firms and marketing agencies to help them manage their companies’ websites.

Youtube Video Script Outline

Craft unique, well researched video scripts that actually sound like you!


Are you trying to rank your video on Youtube?
AI is a powerful technology that can help do the hard work for you. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use AI to automate your YouTube SEO and get better rankings!

What if I told you that there was a way for you to land your video on the top of Google, and YouTube search engine results?
AI is developing rapidly. In this video I share some tips for ranking high on youtube with AI

In this video I share with you how you can use AI to rank on Youtube. You don’t need to be a programmer or have any experience in machine learning, just follow these simple steps and your videos will start ranking instantly!

Youtube Video Titles

Video titles that will make you YouTube Famous! NOT CLICKBAIT!


You Won’t Believe How My AI Written Content Is Pulling In Millions

Did You Realize My Copywriter Has Taken Over My Channel?!

I Think My Copyscriber Has Taken Over My Channel

Did You Know My AI Assistant Is Writing My Content?

Youtube Video Intro

A YouTube video intro that does not include: “Hey guys, welcome to my channel…”


The demand and need for good copywriters was always there. But with the emergence of AI technology, we have a powerful tool to help us with our writing. How sure are you that your content is the best it can be? Are you sure that no one will be able to outrank you? GPT-3 is here to stay, and here to give us an edge over everyone else.

The release of GPT-3 technology is a game changer in the artificial intelligence assisted content generation sector. With GPT-3 you are able to produce video scripts at a lightning fast rate on a fully automated basis that are always ready to pass Content Copyscape tests and rank well on Google. In this video, I disclose exactly how GPT-3 works and why it’s going to change how everyone builds their online businesses.

Running a successful website or blog is all about traffic, and getting more readers. Without that, it’s just a hobby you do after work and on weekends. So how do you find, reach, and convert more readers? What tools can you use to increase your blog traffic? Copywriting! (or content marketing) But one thing that most newbies struggle with is being able to come up with fresh ideas for writing copy. This is where GPT-3 comes in handy!

GPT-3 is the third generation of the flagship writing platform that makes a writer more productive and helps them to sell more books. GPT-3 has been built from the ground up with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing that will not just assist but also replace keyword research and topic suggestion tools (such as Google Keyword Planner,, etc), allowing a writer to identify the most profitable trending topics their book should be targeting… based on real data instead.

Youtube Video Topic Ideas

Generate unique, yet trendy video ideas that your audience will love!


online courses about seo: make money with keywords

how can I get in on the ground floor of a new tech startup

build your business on an online marketplace

how to leverage technology to increase productivity

popular marketing and social media tools for content creators

New Tone

Don’t let your message get lost in translation! When it comes to writing, tone is everything.


Friendly: I enjoy spending time with you and I am grateful for all that we’ve shared together, but I just don’t feel a romantic connection.

Bold: You and me, we just don’t belong.

Witty: I’m shocked you got this far. You really thought I’d want to go out with you? Maybe you’ll have more luck in Las Vegas.

Empathetic: I realize that you made a big effort to ask me on a date, which I appreciate. I’m just not interested in pursuing this any more.


It's easy to go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on. Get concise with Craftly!


Every time I drink that huge cup of organic coffee, it seems to turn into a catastrophic stomach ache with a dash of anxiety.

Every time I drink that huge cup of organic coffee, whether hot or iced, and filled with cream and sugar, it turns into a stomach ache for me.

Every time I drink that huge cup of coffee—either hot or iced and filled with cream and sugar—it seems to turn into a stomach ache!

Essay Outline

Get a structured essay outline that won’t force you to pull an all nighter!


Intro: Structural Functionalism is a kind of social theory which studies society as a complex system of interdependent parts.

Section 1: Structural Functionalism is the study of how interdependence produces stability

Section 2: The opposite of Structural Functionalism is Social Conflicts Theory

Section 3: Structural Functionalism assumes that society has to fit into the environment. Social Conflicts Theory assumes that the environment has to fit into society.

Section 4: Cultural diffusion explains change in societies when two different cultures meet each other

Section 5: All societies have a structure that helps them function

Takeaway: Keep in mind that there will always be a structure. We can’t escape it.

Essay Blurb

You’ve read the play, now let Craftly help you put your thoughts into words!


Like a lot of Shakespeare’s plays, Macbeth has its origins in historical events: the 17th century reign of King James VI of Scotland and I of England. The play is filled with treachery and deceit, and many regard it as a morality tale about the dire consequences of bad leadership. “Dire” and “consequences” are keywords here – in this essay I’ll argue that Macbeth is not ultimately a play about justice being served but rather about the way we…