Value Proposition

So you’ve just started a new business venture? Obviously you love your new idea, but how do you explain it to your new customers?

Value propositions are statements that describe the benefit of a company’s product or service and makes it easy for customers to understand the value they’re getting. A strong value proposition focuses on how the business will help the customer, and puts your message in terms of “what” benefits you’ll give your audience, rather than “who” or “how.”

Steps to Creating a Value Proposition with Cai

  • Step 1
    What us your name / brand?
  • Step 2
    What makes you stand out?
  • Step 3
    Craft content


  • The longer and more detailed your input, the stronger and more thorough the output.
  • Feel free to add specifications such as benefits, numbers and other unique details that you want included in your copy.
  • Having a hard time coming up with an idea that brings value? Cai can do that too! Check out our Growth Ideas tool on the app!


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