Sentence Rewriter

The sentence rewriter tool is perfect for sentences that need a little sprucing up!

It can be used when you find the perfect sentence online but want to avoid plagiarizing, or even for when you craft your own sentence but need a different spin on it!

Steps to Crafting Blogs with Cai

  • Step 1
    Tell Cai the sentence you want rewritten
  • Step 2
    Craft new sentence


  • Make sure that you’re only rewriting one sentence at a time. Cai will avoid writing you run on sentences, and trying to rewrite multiple sentences at once will result in clunky or unfinished sentences!
  • If your sentence is perfect, but you just need to change the personality behind it, use the tone setting to switch it up!
  • Run the tool multiple times with different tones and word changes to get the best possible output.

See some examples below:

Input Output
Input: Structural Functionalism is a macro-level school of thought concerned with the interdependence of social structures and institutions of society, and their effects on members of society. Cai:

  • Structural Functionalism is a school of thought which assumes that all institutions and social structures are necessary to regulate social norms.


  • You can think of structural functionalism as a large-scale school of thought about how society’s structures and institutions affect the individuals.


  • Structural functionalism looks at how social structures and institutions work together to achieve a particular goal, and how they affect individuals.


  • The goal of structural functionalism is to determine how institutions work to form a stable system in a society.


  • Structural functionalism is a school of thought concerned with how social institutions shape people’s behaviors.


  • Ever wondered why societies across the world are similar in some ways and different in others? Structural-functionalism might be the answer.


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