Confirmation Email

Revising your email content far too often? Stressed about everything being spelled correctly? Worried that no one will even read it in the first place? Are you using too many exclamation marks?!

Let Cai send a structured email confirmation containing all the information necessary to get the point across, with a little extra “oomph” to make sure your email stands out from the crowd. The best part is you don’t have to worry about erasing all the exclamation points afterwards.

This is a one step process, just type in what the email confirmation is for. Remember to be as descriptive as possible.

Steps to Crafting a Email Confirmation with Cai

  • Step 1
    What is this email for?
  • Step 2
    Craft content


  • Define the purpose of your email. Was it a sign up? A confirmation? A Request for more information?
  • Need a thank you email to follow? Cai can do that too! Check out our Thank You Email tool on the app!


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