Choose a Tone

Sick of erasing all your exclamation marks or worried that you sound too curt? The tone tool can change the wording and attitude of your output! By choosing a specific tone, you’re giving the AI the opportunity to sound more like you, or at least sound like the person you want to be!

This is great for content creation, product descriptions and even assignments, as it keeps everything personalized and human. As we know, GPT-3 is the most natural language producing AI available today – and tone just takes it one step further to add a layer of personalization and individuality. Similar to using layer tools, we can also layer tones. Instead of choosing several tones for your copy right off the bat, we recommend choosing one tone, and then running it through a second time with a new tone for more accurate results.

Crafting Personalized Content with Tones

  • Professional
  • Casual
  • Excited
  • Funny
  • Witty
  • Dramatic
  • Grumpy
  • Bold
  • Sarcastic

Cai’s Tone Creations

  • Input: I’m just not that into you…
Output with Different Tones
  • Friendly: Hey there, stranger! I’m sure you’re really nice and everything, but I think we should just stay friends.
  • Bold: You and me, we just don’t belong.
  • Witty: I’m shocked you got this far. You really thought I’d want to go out with you? Maybe you’ll have more luck in Las Vegas.
  • Empathetic: I realize that you made a big effort to ask me on a date, which I appreciate. I’m just not interested in pursuing this any more.
  • Disclaimer: Cai can word your breakup letter, but lacks the emotional intelligence to offer you support, tissues, chocolate, or advice.

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