Bullet Points to Paragraph

Once you have your title you will need to start crafting your article. You may find that you have the vague ideas of what you’d like to discuss, but not the specific wording for an entire post. The Bullet Point to Paragraph tool is designed for exactly that!

Steps to Turn Bullet Points into a Paragraph with Cai

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
    What Points do you Want to Hit?
  • Step 3
    Insert your Target Audience
  • Step 4
    Select a Tone
  • Step 5
    Craft Content


  • Be detailed yet concise; each bullet point should be one line in length
  • Use bullet points to outline the main points you’d like to get across in your paragraph
  • Include any keywords or audience targets
  • Having trouble coming up with a topic? Cai can take care of that too! Check out our Blog Topic tool on the app!


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