Blog Introduction

The first sentence that people read should captivate them. A good introduction will hook readers so that they NEED to read the rest of your content.

A blog is a particularly interesting form of writing because it is so much more personal than, say, an expository essay. The writer is often speaking directly to the reader, so it’s important to address your readers immediately. Let them know what they’re getting into!

Now that you have their attention, tell them how you’re going to help, and try to connect on an emotional level. The more you understand your reader the better, it is especially beneficial if you can paint a picture of their hopes and dreams.

The blog post introduction should be informative, witty and captivating all at once – a hard combination to achieve for a mere mortal. That’s why we have created this list of tips on how you can create an effective blog post intro that not only intrigues your reader, but also tells them everything they need to know about the journey you’re about to take them on!

Steps to Crafting Blogs with Cai

  • Step 1
    What is your blog post title?
  • Step 2
    What do you want to write about?
  • Step 3
    Insert your target audience
  • Step 4
    Select a tone
  • Step 5
    Craft content


  • Use keywords from your blog’s title to describe your content
  • Mention or expand on your target audience
  • Expand on the point you’re trying to make Select the tone that best suits your intended audience
  • Having trouble coming up with a blog topic? Cai can take care of that too! Check out our blog topic tool on the app!

Check out the examples below to see the difference between basic and descriptive input:

Basic Input Detailed Input
Title Input: Vegan Recipes Title Input: 17 Quick and Easy Vegan Dinners
Description Input: How to make vegan food. Description Input: 17 vegan recipes that can be made in 30 minutes or less with simple ingredients you can find at any grocery store.
Output: Do you want to stop eating meat and start cooking delicious vegan meals? You want to know how to cook vegan food! Output: There are so many reasons to eat vegan that you already know about. There’s the animal rights aspect, the environmental concern, the health aspect (so many vegan recipes are gluten-free), But the most enticing is the fact that vegan food is just plain delicious. But when it comes to getting started you might not know where to begin.


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