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Earning potential

Conservative numbers of how much you can make at the lowest tier.

  • The product that sells itself

    Add us to your offering, this product can be used by anyone.

    You’ll earn 30% on every sign up! depending on which plan they choose and be able to withdraw your rewards via your own dashboard.

    Pitch decks, support channels, video resources, assets -All marketing material organized to use at your disposal.

  • 55+ Tools with quality to back us

    Emails, blog posts, and even essays! With 55+ tools (more coming soon!) Craftly.ai has the power to create content for every occasion. Once you recommend us, your people won’t know what you did without us and they’ll have you to thank.

    Hook them up with our 5-day free trial to let our tools speak for themselves.

  • Refer with confidence

    We would never ask you to promote something we wouldn’t promote. That’s why we have a full team constantly working on feedback, creating support videos and demos to make Craftly.ai the best it can be for you and your friends.

    After the sign up, leave everything to us. We have systems for onboarding, email flows, and a whole team for support to handle your referrals.


Start earning in your sleep



Receive a unique referral link. Let us do the heavy lifting by tracking website visitors, trial activations and orders connected to you.



Mention our products in any way you see fit, and share your referral link and our promotional materials. We use cookies to track your referrals even if they don’t purchase during the first visit!



As soon as their payment goes through, you’ll receive 30% perpetually for the first 12 months they are signed up for. Receive monthly payouts and unlimited earning potentials.

You have the audience, we have the product.

Who can become an affiliate?

  • Agencies

    Tell your clients. We create punchy, readable content to engage and persuade your audience. Whether you’re building a new website, launching a mobile app or overhauling sales materials—we have the right words to help you stand out from the crowd. The best part? It is all 100% original!

  • Marketing gurus

    Upsell us! A jolt of fresh copy can power up a whole marketing campaign as we cohesively orchestrate connections between messages, visuals and audio components in print and online formats for your business

  • Speakers

    Can’t find the right opening line? We’ll craft one for you! Well researched, exciting, text in minutes. Bonus: it actually sounds human! Then tell your audience who helped you and actually make money off of it.

  • Influencers & affiliate marketers

    Tired of being paid one time for a post that stays up forever or annoying your audience by selling your soul for vitamins that don’t work. Put that following to good use and earn for what you’ve built.

  • Students

    Friends share their secret to writing the best essays. We have a whole section dedicated to helping students! Oh what’s that? You paid off your student debt? You’re welcome.

No No’s

No white labelling
No spam
No blackhat SEO techniques (bad links, cheap links, spammy links)
No reselling reselling (you know what I mean)
If they quit before year ends, you stop earning

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